Mediator Roles and their Importance

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the mediator’s roles to better comprehend what the mediator can do and how it might be useful. This is because there is a lack of understanding about the roles of the mediator, and this has led to little or no use of mediation in jurisdictions….

An Introduction to Mediation (Part 1 of a 7-Part Series)

Relationships are the bedrock of human society.  As humans, we cannot do without relationships.  Relationships are of a wide variety and include: buyer-seller, employer-employee, husband-wife, parent-child, professional-client, service provider-service receiver, importer-exporter, borrower-lender, and friend-friend.  These relationships can be simple or complex.  Whatever the case, they are undergirded mainly by the parties’ respective interests and needs,…