Mediator Yemi (Adeyemi Akisanya) is an Oil & Gas lawyer with almost forty years tested experience in domestic and international transactions, projects, and financing, including a vast network in the private and public sectors of the industry.

He is an experienced Dispute Resolution Specialist, Conflict Management Expert and Consultant, a skilled negotiator, a CEDR Accredited Mediator, a member of the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA), and an SCMA Certified Mediation Advocacy Trainer.  He is one of the only twelve members of the Dispute Resolution Panel of NERC, the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission. He is also on the Panel of Neutrals of several other ADR Institutions.

Mediator Yemi has an out-of-the-box approach to the resolution of disputes and conflicts.  “There is no box, period!”, he says.  He has had remarkable success as a peace maker, negotiator, and credible bridge builder. He speaks often at conferences, seminars, and workshops in the application of ADR, where he always advocates the adoption of Mediation (and the mediatory mindset) as culture at all levels of commerce, business, and personal life and relationships.

He is the Managing Director/CEO of TDSH – The Dispute Solutions Hub, an ADR services provider, advisory and consultancy.  TDSH strives to provide excellent, effective, transformative, and integrity-driven solutions, to the highest professional and ethical standards, and in accordance with international best practices.

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